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30m split fog cannon
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Detailed introduction

30m Throw Distance Box Type Fog Cannon Machine




1. Product Introduction

This 30m Throw Distance Box Type Fog Cannon Machine is the most popular invention of a high-quality dust control system with a 1-year warranty and can be used for 5 to 10years. 30m Throw Distance Box Type Fog Cannon Machine is made of paint carbon steel and famous electrical parts and stainless steel centrifugal pump, which has been designed to meet most dusty sites demanding dust control requirements, is easy to install and maintain. It also can equipment with trailer, truck, water tank, and generator for many open-air sites usage.


2.Product Parameter (Specification)

Throw distance



local industrial electricity

Total power


Spray flow

16-20l/min adjustable



NO. of nozzles

18/24 sets

Pitch angle


Hydraulic station power


Horizontal rotation angle


Nozzle and ring material

Stainless steel

Fan power


Water inlet

DN25 out silk

Pump power



Plastic spray

Start up mode

star delta start


Manual/remote control

Rotary driving mode

Hydraulic  station

Customized functions

Anti-explosion/freeze-proofing/noise reduction






Wooden case

Package size


3.Product Feature And Application

1. Strong skill, long range, wide coverage, high work efficiency, fast spraying speed, strong penetrating power, remarkable humidification and cooling effect;

2. The dust suppression effect is good, the fog particles are small and uniform, and when in contact with the floating dust, a moist fog-like body is formed, which can quickly reduce dust;

3. The supporting power is flexible, which can be used with industrial power supply or with generator set (customized foreign voltage);

4. The installation platform is wide, which can be installed on the platform or on the transport vehicle;

5. Effectively save water, save 70%-80% of water than spray guns, sprinklers, etc., and cover a large area.


 Application sites

Open-pit coal field,  demolition dust, construction site dust control, , open-pit mine mining, ports dust suppression, railway station freight terminals, open-air material storage yards, coal logistics parks, power plants, coal shed closed unloading areas, truck unloading Dust pollution control at the port, dump truck unloading dust, coastal port loading and transportation, coal transportation, stone yard, cement plant, quarry, bulk powder handling and other dust pollution control; expressway service area, steel slag waste unloading, shipping, transportation, Local dust control for mechanical operations, road dust pollution control during vehicle transportation; airfields, public places, stations, schools, airports, steel mills, casting and other high-temperature industries such as spray humidification, cooling, and dust removal places. Landscaping, flower and grass nursery, pesticide spraying, municipal sanitation and haze treatment, garbage dump site sterilization and deodorization, disinfection and epidemic prevention, etc.


4.Product Details


The multi-stage stainless steel centrifugal pump has stronger corrosion resistance, excellent energy saving, low noise, easy maintenance and durability.



The frame-type design slewing bearing ensures that the equipment can stably rotate up and down, left and right.



Hydraulic electric push rod, stable operation, low energy consumption, large up and down pitching angle range, dust proof and waterproof, long service life.


The stainless steel double water ring and the precision stainless steel nozzle are evenly distributed, so that the mist volume is larger, the mist particles are more fine and fine, the water consumption is controllable, and the dust suppression effect is good.



Q:Where is your factory located? How can I visit there? 
A:Our factory is located in Nanyang City, Henan Province, China. You can fly to Zhengzhou airport directly, and we will be there for picking you up. All our clients from home or abroad, are warmly welcome you to visit us! 

Q: What is the warranty time of your products?
A: The warranty time is 12months from the date of the commissioning. All quick-wear spare parts will be provided for free within the warranty period. After the warranty, we also can ensure that you can buy any necessary spare parts with favorable price within 5 years.

Q:How does your factory do regarding quality control? 
A:"Quality is priority. We always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end. Our factory has gained ISO9001:2008 authentication.


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